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National Career Readiness Certificate Online Preparation Class

North Carolina’s Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is designed to meet the needs of both employers and job seekers in this transitioning economy.

Since North Carolina began offering career readiness certification, employers have reported a decrease in the time it takes to recruit and train employees. Surveys of employees have also found that employees are more satisfied. The CRC is a reliable means of determining whether a potential employee has the necessary literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills to be career-ready.

With a Career Readiness Certificate, employees can enhance their skills with an employer-recognized credential that often helps build confidence and opens doors for employment and promotion. The CRC is based upon WorkKeys®, a nationally recognized skills assessment tool developed by ACT Inc.

Need more information about Career Readiness Certificate?
Call 252.451.8216 or
Need more information about Career Readiness Certificate?
Call 252.451.8216 or

Scheduling Your Test

  1. Fill out your CRC Assessment Profile.
  2. When the form has been verified, you will be sent an email with a link to register with available dates and times.

Accessing Scores and Printing Your CRC

Register at or call ACT at 1-800-967-5539.

Career Readiness Scores

Pre-registration and prepayment are required. The cost is $50 or $16 per assessment.

Certificate Awarded Bronze Level 3 Silver Level 4 Gold Level 5 Platinum Level 6

Skills Level for Jobs

16% of jobs

67% of jobs

93% of jobs

99% of jobs

Sample Occupations

Auto Body Repair
Veterinary Asst.
Janitorial Supervisor
Drywall Installer
Pharmacy Assist

Administrative Manager
Head Cook
Medical Assistant
Engineering Technician

School Counselor
Pharmacy Technician
Business Executive

Technical Writer
Registered Nurse Manager
Sales Manager

You can find additional information concerning these assessments at: ACT WorkKeys®Using your ACT WorkKeys® ScoresACT National Career Readiness Certificate™

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