NameEmailPhone/MobileAnything you would like to add?URL
Taylor Hansleytlh192000@gmail.com9194379652Hi! I am very interested in becoming a Large Animal Vet Tech. I’m currently at ECU for education but wanted to learn more about the program and transfer process. Thank you!
-Taylor Hansley
Veterinary Medical Technology
kelley dealkpd1010@gmail.com2528139813test 3:59Associate Degree Nursing
kelley dealkpd1010@gmail.com2528139813test 152Associate Degree Nursing
kelley dealkpd1010@gmail.com2528139813test 151Associate Degree Nursing
Rashim Jabrilrashimjabril1@gmail.com2525734181Associate Degree Nursing
Kimberly Pacheco-Ramirezkimberlypacheco964@gmail.com252-315-8694I will graduate soon from a 2 year and hope to hear from you all!Associate Degree Nursing
Treyvon Earlayye1213@gmail.com2525440306Associate Degree Nursing
Kaileigh Leekmlee616@st.nashcc.edu2529046141Medical Assisting
Tylar Grunenwaldtwill.lyn@gmail.com480-772-8293Associate Degree Nursing
Taniyah Mckinnontaniyahmckinnon@yahoo.com9192731420Practical Nursing Diploma
Tinay Richardsontinayrichardson@yahoo.com2523261217Associate Degree Nursing
kelley dealkpd1010@gmail.comtestAssociate Degree Nursing
Lameathia Taylorpheebie24@gmail.com9014030933Practical Nursing Diploma
Alli Spicerallispicer@icloud.com3369720374I am currently a sophomore at ECU and am interested in the ADN program to later do RN to BSN.Associate Degree Nursing
timeka lynchlynch.timeka@yahoo.com2529044202Associate Degree Nursing
Arnetta Lewisnaijla1995@gmail.com919-418-3142Associate Degree Nursing
Shannon Fugittrebelgurl0403@outlook.com9122930788I would a transfer since I do have some college courses already taken from the state of Georgia. I do not know what classes I would need to take to finish my career path to become a nursePractical Nursing Diploma
Diona Davis-Willisdiona_davis11@yahoo.com8048014034Veterinary Medical Technology
Natasha you offer evening nursing classes.Associate Degree Nursing
Linda Martinlmartin184@halifaxcc.edu2526765740Practical Nursing Diploma
Chadwick Massenburgchadwick.massenburg@greensboro.edu9197238606Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kristina Hayeskristinahayes115@gmail.cim3472945317Practical Nursing Diploma
Raphael Jeongraphjeong@gmail.com2524206411Hello, I'm Raphael Jeong who has been working as a Nursing Assistant at ECU Medical Center for the past two years, and now want to advance my career to become a nurse in order to serve the greater community. I am already enrolled in Nash, all transcripts submitted, and have all the required classes except for ENG 112 and PSY 241. I want to start my nursing program as soon as possible, hopefully this fall, therefore I would finish my required classes before the fall, or I would finish them while I am in the nursing program if possible. Thank you for everything you do, and I look forward to hearing from you. Truly Raphael Jeong p.s. The best way to reach me is by the email above. Thanks.Associate Degree Nursing
Caroline Duttmancgduttman636@st.nashcc.edu9198794978Associate Degree Nursing
Zionaka Vaughnzionakavaughn23@icloud.com2522058011Practical Nursing Diploma
janae williamsjanae.m.830@gmail.com919-706-2051Do you require nursing students to complete CNA hours for acceptance into the program.Associate Degree Nursing
Yulisa Jaimesyulijaimess22@gmail.com2522182918Dental Hygiene
Stephen Gathukagitauwamarion@gmail.com3366935502More information on the fall 2023 ADN admissionAssociate Degree Nursing
Miriah Lynchmiriahlynch@yahoo.com2525786457Medical Assisting
Amanda Valentiamand.valenti97@gmail.com9196094979Veterinary Medical Technology
Chelsea Kingchelsking99@yahoo.com2526409643Medical Sonography
Wendy Boltonwifeofchris22@gmail.com252-308-5914I attended Halifax Community College a few years ago and was in the RN program, but I was unable to complete it. I would like information on what I need to do to get into this program.Practical Nursing Diploma
Erin Cosnercosner.erin2004@gmail.com9194821649I already have my EMT B and working towards my EMT P.Associate Degree Nursing
Hannah Edwardshanedw1997@gmail.com2528854844Practical Nursing Diploma
Hannah Edwardshanedw1997@gmail.com2528854844Associate Degree Nursing
Martha Lynchmarthalizcooper@aol.com2529076420Associate Degree Nursing
Lily Arthurlilyzanea@gmail.com8056073739Medical Sonography
Andreal Harrisonajharrison229@st.nashcc.edu2522296204Veterinary Medical Technology
Brittany Riverabrittanyrivera2365@gmail.com2522927369Associate Degree Nursing
Morgan Billingsmorganelizabethbillings@gmail.com919-766-1419I would like to discuss the Medical Sonography Program and what I need to do to proceed.Medical Sonography
Brianna Overtonbrioverton97@yahoo.com2523822841Physical Therapist Assistant
Alyssa Bellalyssaashleybell@gmail.com910-874-7543Hello! I am interested in applying to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. I hope to hear from you soon.Physical Therapist Assistant
tobi harristcharris35@gmail.com2523716064Physical Therapist Assistant
Vanity Richardsonvanitysrichardson@gmail.com8287782851Associate Degree Nursing
Areaonna Richmondarerichmond@yahoo.com7576632445Hi I am interested in knowing the admission requirements for y’all’s nursing program.Associate Degree Nursing
Jailyn kearneyjailynkearney@gmail.com2528200205Practical Nursing Diploma
Ashli Wilkersonashliwilkerson57@yahoo.com4845919203I do have non nursing credits I hope I can transfer.Associate Degree Nursing
Kayla Niswongerkaylamniswonger@gmail.com2529691694Super interested! Excited to hear from you!Medical Sonography
Maryam Ahmedmar.ahm0112@gmail.com2528013590I will be graduating from ECU this semester but I would like to apply for the LPN program.Practical Nursing Diploma
Rayven Battlerbattle827@gmail.com9199013327Medical Assisting
Rayven Battlerbattle827@gmail.com9199013227Dental Hygiene
Rebecca Sullivanrls9340@icloud.com2525109603Dental Hygiene
Angela Degree Nursing
Shriee Campbellsecmpbell625@st.nashcc.edu9196385224Associate Degree Nursing
Darlene Mooremdamoore80@gmail.com2524697624Hello, I am looking to start my education towards getting an ADN. What do I need to start? When do the sessions begin?

Thank you for your time!
Associate Degree Nursing
Sophie Pursersophdpurser@gmail.com2529409800I am very interested in this program.Veterinary Medical Technology
Christa Thomaschristathomas444@gmail.com2523152860Practical Nursing Diploma
Linda Lynchmz.simms20@gmail.com2523826202Associate Degree Nursing
Rsven Owensravenshaeowens@gmail.com2528135530Veterinary Medical Technology
Shoneka Coopersnbullock92@yahoo.com2528863212I would like information on your LPN program. I have taking all the courses required expect the major nursing course and math 171.Practical Nursing Diploma
karla paytonkmpayton774@st.nashcc.edu919-656-3779Associate Degree Nursing
Miya Hockadaymiyahockey23@gmail.com2524586008Associate Degree Nursing
Alyssa Holtalyssamoseley2015@gmail.com2525787275Possibly transferring from Halifax Community CollegePhysical Therapist Assistant
Lashawna Craiglashawnacraig93@gmail.com9195812529Practical Nursing Diploma
Raven Owensravenshaeowens@gmail.com2528135530Veterinary Medical Technology
test from Tech Supportnccsupport@nashcc.eduThis is a test on 1/13/23 at 11:53a, Please let us know if this goes through. JVAssociate Degree Nursing
curtis bynumbynumcurtis07@gmail.com9195840145Physical Therapist Assistant
Yemika Hernandezyhernandez63@gmail.com9194523892Associate Degree Nursing
Chelsea Davischelsnicoled18@gmail.com2529031194Medical Assisting
ARNETTA LEWISnaijla1995@gmail.com919-418-3142Associate Degree Nursing
Fatima Davisdnlf63@gmail.com2525485015Associate Degree Nursing
Hannah Harrisoakleyrain123@gmail.com2525323635Associate Degree Nursing
Fatima Davisdnlf63@gmail.com2525485015Associate Degree Nursing
Letitia Jamesletitiajames331@yahoo.com252-904-8256Practical Nursing Diploma
Brianna Easonbrionedance@gmail.com9842980205Associate Degree Nursing
Nyla Leenylalee2020@gmail.com9197632950Associate Degree Nursing
Hope Richardsonhoper86@yahoo.com2529162194Veterinary Medical Technology
Brenda browngvillecna@gmail.com2527177853Practical Nursing Diploma
Rayanna Kochrayannakoch102@gmail.com9192527899Physical Therapist Assistant
Jada Davisdavisjada91@gmail.com2523977625Associate Degree Nursing
Jazlyn Danielsjazlyn1986@icloud.com2524697011Medical Assisting
Ghadeer 437-9440Medical Sonography
Jala Whitakerjalautise@gmail.com2523772256Veterinary Medical Technology
Nicole Cannonnicole.c.cannon@gmail.com9199234228Practical Nursing Diploma
Felicia Greenefjgreene524@st.nashcc.edu2523434926Want to apply to the ADN program, couldn’t apply last year because of a Technicality (my name was spelled wrong on the CNA Registry). Please advise on what I need to do. Thanks… F GreeneAssociate Degree Nursing
Timothy Livengoodtimothylivengood@gmail.com7042021807Associate Degree Nursing
Paige Alstonpaige.mckeithan@yahoo.com9199959073I would like to get set up to start the nursing programAssociate Degree Nursing
Naomi Mayomin2mayomi96@gmail.com9292160872Associate Degree Nursing
Nyterrius Williamsnyterriusw@gmail.com9193964480I am a graduate looking to enroll in the PTA program as soon as I can possibly enrollPhysical Therapist Assistant
Samantha Raffraysamantha101790@yahoo.com2524173837Help with fafsaAssociate Degree Nursing
Sabrina Simmonssabrinasimmons13@yahoo.com2526390402Veterinary Medical Technology
miranda warrenmfwarren238@st.nashcc.edu2529024792Alternate email is I am a college transferAssociate Degree Nursing
Miranda Warrenmirandawarren1234@gmail.com2529024792Associate Degree Nursing
Terri Richardsonterri.richardson33@gmail.com2525788654Physical Therapist Assistant
samantha frasiersamanthaboling21@gmail.com5059851300I wanted to know the steps and requirements to apply to the programAssociate Degree Nursing
Nicole Cannonnicole.c.cannon@gmail.com9199234228Associate Degree Nursing
Nicole Cannonnicole.c.cannon@gmail.com9199234228Practical Nursing Diploma
Abigail Bonillaabby04114@icloud.com2529045165Associate Degree Nursing
Alanna Reamsawhitley1128@gmail.com252-382-8402Hi! I am wanting to to apply for the nursing program and had some questions I wanted to ask, would love to have a call with someone regarding my questions and how to go about the process!?Associate Degree Nursing
Lucy Kinglking27553@yahoo.com2529152709Physical Therapist Assistant
Tyiesha Joynertyieshajoyner16@gmail.com2523191450Associate Degree Nursing
hannah pippinshpippins15@yahoo.comhpippins15@yahoo.comWhere can I find Nursing applicationAssociate Degree Nursing
Julia Morrismorrisjulie923@outlook.com2522901009Associate Degree Nursing
Diona Davis Willisdiona_davis11@yahoo.com8048014034What are the requirements to apply to the programAssociate Degree Nursing
Ebony Thomasenthomas572@st.nashcc.edu252-813-7194I'm a Pre-Nursing Major at my university and I'm transferring to Nash Community to earn my ADN. I don't have an advisor as of now and I'm not sure how to switch my financial aid over from one institution to another.Associate Degree Nursing
Chad Cliettecliettechad@yahoo.com2409973054Physical Therapist Assistant
Shanique Williamssleshayx3@gmail.com2523368513Medical Assisting
Mary Halemmhale722@gmail.com2525326230Medical Sonography
Fatima Davisdnlf63@gmail.com2525485015Associate Degree Nursing
Daquan Battsquanbatts18@gmail.com252-406-6439Do i still have to fill out an school application to take the class ?Veterinary Medical Technology
Jessica Smithjessicaj07@gmail.com2523085885Practical Nursing Diploma
Gracie Feltsgraciefelts@yahoo.com9196485810How do I apply?Associate Degree Nursing
Jalissa Bryantjalissab15@gmail.com9195200919Practical Nursing Diploma
Lindsey Overtonlpoverton@icloud.com2522136590Associate Degree Nursing
Meredith Mizemmmize163@st.nashcc.edu252-312-0071Associate Degree Nursing
Shalynn Boonebooneshalynn@gmail.com2529070231Hello I would like more information about entrance into the LPN programPractical Nursing Diploma
Kayla Hennehennkm63@gmail.com9197100148Veterinary Medical Technology
Je'Nira McKoyjenmck2859@gmail.com2524192066I would like to know more information about the ADN program. I am a new student who will be attending Nash Spring 2023Associate Degree Nursing
Octavis Harperoharper515@gmail.com2529550372I am looking forward to starting my career in Health Care. I had my CNA's graduate in Psychology. I am currently an educator.Practical Nursing Diploma
Daniel Long2ndbnfoxcoplt2080@gmail.com2524673978Email or text will be the best to reach me due to hectic work schedule, thanks.Associate Degree Nursing
Kimberly Pachecokpacheco2021@louisburg.edu2523158694Associate Degree Nursing
keyontia lassiterkeyontialassiter102@gmail.com2526423959Associate Degree Nursing
Esmeralda Santiagosantiago.marie5155@gmail.com2523140989Associate Degree Nursing
Esmeralda Santiagosantiago.marie5155@gmail.com2523140989Associate Degree Nursing
Tyiesha Joynertyieshajoyner16@gmail.com2523191450Just general questions about the program; when do you stop taking applications? Do you have to take an entrance exam? If so which one?Associate Degree Nursing
Ashley Jonesashleyj504@gmail.com2522898135Physical Therapist Assistant
Jamilla Aldridgejspatterson451@gmail.com9705604433Associate Degree Nursing
Leianna Craftcraftleianna@gmail.com9108248065Interested in more information about the Veterinary Medical Technology program.Veterinary Medical Technology
Janet Moseapiyo13@gmail.com9848103951I am a second degree student looking to do nursing.Associate Degree Nursing
Vanessa Correavcorrea1999@gmail.com6072807821Medical Assisting
Ashley Brownashleybrown905@gmail.com9196489497I’m an LPNAssociate Degree Nursing
Tracey Smithtraceysmith34@icloud.com2527517985Practical Nursing Diploma
Alexis Frazieranff21@yahoo.com6785711834How can I be able to apply to the program?Practical Nursing Diploma
Ebony Thomasebonynicoleee16@gmail.com252-813-7194I'm currently a student at North Carolina A&T State University as a Pre-Nursing Major. I'm trying to transfer to Nash Community so I can be closer to home.Associate Degree Nursing
Anna Bradfordbradfordan19@gmail.com919-222-4955I have some pre req courses from Wayne community already completed and I would like to start as soon as possible. I know I will probably need something else before applying to program to better my chances into getting into the program ASAP. I currently work a full time 40hr per week job that I am hoping to work around if possible. Thank you for your time.Veterinary Medical Technology
Laquanta Williamslaquanta015@gmail.com252-254-8491Medical Assisting
Pandora Wilsonpandorawilson79@yahoo.com2523609011Associate Degree Nursing
Jada Petersonjadapeterson28@gmail.com2524584424Associate Degree Nursing
Mckenzie Spencemckenzie20015@gmail.com2528130103Practical Nursing Diploma
Anabelle Wagneranabellew16@gmail.com3365903495Veterinary Medical Technology
Rebekah Bradcovichrebekahbradcovich@gmail.com9196980621I am currently a licensed massage therapist and previously attended college for Forensic Science. I am curious if any of these previous classes would transfer over to a PTA program. Thank youPhysical Therapist Assistant
Thomas Lauriatlauria67@gmail.comtlauria67@gmail.comI completed admission for the school this fall, I would just like to get some insight on the current classes i have completed and scheduling a time for the HESI. thanks in advance.Associate Degree Nursing
Ashanti Ansteadashanteanstead@gmail.com2525450288I am already enrolled at nash. I just wanted to see what general education course I would need to start this program I feel I have already taken a lot & then I want to know if I started taking prerequisite spring 2023 when will I graduate this program ?Associate Degree Nursing
Nicole Lianresnicolelinares85@gmail.com9196714083Veterinary Medical Technology
Tarnisha Edwardstarnisha.langston@gmail.com9199491290Associate Degree Nursing
Augusta Millsamills261@st.nashcc.edu2524325436Associate Degree Nursing
Augusta Millsamills261@st.nash.cc2524325436Practical Nursing Diploma
Augusta Millsamills261@nashcc.edu2524325436Practical Nursing Diploma
Augusta Millsamills261@nashcc.edu2524325436Associate Degree Nursing
Nyterrius Williamsnyterriusw@gmail.com9193964480Looking to apply, Recent Graduate with a BSPhysical Therapist Assistant
Madison Overtonmeoverton0222@icloud.comAssociate Degree Nursing
Leahandra Ellisleahan.ellis24@gmail.com2525182933I would like to know if you offer the evening nursing program still. If so when do start taking applications?Associate Degree Nursing
Candace Newsomecandacenewsome@yahoo.com2523635624I am interested in enrolling into the practical nursing program.Practical Nursing Diploma
khadesha chungchungkhadesha@yahoo.com3366864078Associate Degree Nursing
Gracie Feltsgraciefelts@yahoo.com9196485810Deadlines & requirementsAssociate Degree Nursing
Amari Carsonamarivcarson1@gmail.com7737914988Veterinary Medical Technology
Lillian Kingliking549@st.nashcc.edu2525382595Associate Degree Nursing
Portia Conecone.portia@gmail.com9195309395Practical Nursing Diploma
Felicia Greenefjgreene524@st.nashcc.edu2523434926Associate Degree Nursing
Jasmine Bowensjazzybowens@gmail.com9196734113Associate Degree Nursing
naudia wilkinswilkinsnadia34@gmail.com2528017590Interrested in online classes because i work fulltime.Medical Assisting
Alesia Stoneabstone448@st.nashcc.edu9194955941MAT 171Associate Degree Nursing
Caroline Duttmancgduttman@gmail.com9198794978Associate Degree Nursing
Sara Joynersarajoyner1109@gmail.com2524500104Dental Hygiene
Toni Lawsontllawson9242@gmail.com9199226905Associate Degree Nursing
Hannah Shearonhannah.shearon@yahoo.com9198012530Dental Hygiene
Charlene Carsoncharlenecarson1@gmail.com2522904046I have been a CNA since 2002. I've worked in mental health 5 years and I've worked in long term care as well. I now work at Wake Med in a hospital setting.Associate Degree Nursing
Christian Mosschristian.moss@unchealth.unc.edu2529628917I have been working as a Rehab-Tech at Nash UNC Hospital Rehabilitation since, 02/05/2018, and I am still highly interested in joining the PTA Program. I love working with the patients in Acute Care, Sub-Acute, and in the Out Patient Rehab as well. I have my Associates in Arts and have completed all Prerequisites' required for the PTA program. My Transcript is there at NCC. I am able to provide 3+ letters of recommendation if needed. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.Physical Therapist Assistant
Damara Wardsovelladaamara99@gmail.com2524206285Practical Nursing Diploma
kelley dealkpdeal870@nashcc.edu2528139813Please let me know if you get this.Associate Degree Nursing
Jovana Phillipsjovanaphillps@gmail.com2525483506Associate Degree Nursing
Tianna Turnertcturner0831@chowan.edu2523677767Associate Degree Nursing
Portia Conecone.portia@gmail.com9195309395Practical Nursing Diploma
Maget Ceesaynjie03@yahoo.com9196730423Associate Degree Nursing
Matthew Silvermatt.aos515@gmail.com2526764681Veterinary Medical Technology
Tasha Huntertashalpn77@gmail.com252-908-3512Good afternoon, I would like to apply for the night program because I'm currently employed. I didn't see the night program as a option to apply.Associate Degree Nursing
Muqaddim Raghbatmaraghbat253@st.nashcc.edu2673188455Associate Degree Nursing